Private Grand Canyon Expeditions


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 Venture out into one of the most remote and fascinating destinations in the world, the Grand Canyon one of the seven wonders of the world. 


On your Adventure Driven Grand Canyon Expedition, You can choose to tag along driving your high clearance 4x4 vehicle, We offer you the options of staying in a hotel or very remote overnight camping near the edge of the Grand Canyon. (We recommend choosing the camping option for the fullest and most exciting experience and so not to miss the fireside stories. 


Once we head out through the vast desert toward the Grand Canyon, you will notice there are no crowds of people and no development of any sort. When camping you will notice the desert is serenely peaceful and quiet at night. You will also get to observe the innumerable stars that are unbelievably bright in the sky that is not molested by light. The sun sets and sun rises will warm your soul as they spread a multitude of colors across the sky and the canyon walls. During the day, herds of sheep, goats and cows traditionally raised by the Navajo people may cross your path. Keep your cameras ready. You may see wildlife such as a variety of native birds, possibly even the endangered California condor, antelope, coyotes, foxes, lizards, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, ringtail cats, etc... The desert is alive with wildlife. You may even get a chance to see one or more of the many herds of wild horses that roam freely while on your way through the vast wide-open desert to the Grand Canyon. And possibly the elusive black panther of Navajo legend, though we have never seen one. Depending on the amount of time you can spend on your custom expedition, in addition to the canyon, you will get to see sand dunes, petrified trees, hundreds of ancient petroglyphs, rock corrals, and traditional Navajo dwellings called hogans. 


We offer photography, navigation and overland cooking tips. If you want to expand your knowledge or hone your skills, you can even join in helping navigate or prepare a meal.                                                                                        






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